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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  September 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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children and a teacher wounded. thankfully it sounds like they will survive. but their story is sure to spark a conversation just as familiar as that headline, a conversation about guns. one that is often driven by emotion, rather than information. tonight, we are going to have a conversation about guns, driven simply by the facts. >> i am steve staeger in for kyle clark. this is next. before we have that discussion, it has been more vocal this week, the debate turned the tide of people willing to openly support a candidate. you still don't see political signs dotting lawns like in years past. we have asked next viewers to send pictures of their sign. we got a few, not many, but one in particular that stood out and his neighbors think it stands out too. >> basically an experiment to see whether the neighborhood was tolerant of other people's opinions.
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find out why in a second. but his neighbors likely know him as the dude with the massive trump sign in his yard. >> the goal is to support my candidate, i think a lot of people are afraid to support their candidates and there is no reason why other people can't be tolerant of other people's point of view. >> some haven't been too tolerant. >> within 3 days somebody put a hitler mustache on the sign. >> swastika, graffitee. >> i spray painted wood with somebody tries to light it on fire, it won't go on fire >> a few letters "written to express what the poster so largely displayed as a beacon into our neighborhood is a true disappoint and slap in the face to us." your neighbors. >> the letters are one sided and against our first amendment rights, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, and i think, you know, at the end of the day, there is no reason why i can't put up a sign.
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house and we always wave at mr. trump. thanks for the sign. hopefully our country will be saved." >> a lot of thumbs up when people drive by, honks. >> regardness, he plans to leave the signs up through the election. >> you may think he stands for something he doesn't stand for, but i believe he is the right candidate for the job. >> again, if you have political signs send or #heynext. usually come back stories are all about the team, this one is about the coach. today wayne voorhees was able to get back to coaching football for legacy high school. he was in the bus that kraksed on september 11-- crashed on september 11 near the airport, just picked up legacy high football team, which just flown in from a game in california, he had a concussion, 3 fractures in his face. he has been through a lot but
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and the biggest thing is getting back to them and seeing how they are doing and more specifically, you know, as they got over the hump, the first week or 2, they have been through a lot, the staff has been through a lot and i am happy they did as well as they did. >> we will be glad to see the coach on the sidelines tomorrow night's game against the overland blazers, our thoughts are with coach matt in the hospital and coach rider recovering at home. on football field, afc offensive player of the week, he is trevor siemian, a name broncos fans learned in a big way, mike klis says national football fans are learning his name too. >> reporter: i think the nation is now starting to zero in on trevor siemian, who is this guy? how does he come from 7th round draft pick out of northwestern? a guy who wasn't invited to the scouting combine? wasn't listed top 30
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experts. yet, here he is, he is going to head to head with all these number-one overall picks, he beat cam newton, the top pick in the 2011 draft, he beat andrew luck, the top pick in the 2012 draft, and now for the 3rd time in 4 weeks, he goes against another number-1 overall drafting quarterback, that being jameis winston of tampa bay, number 1 pick last year. there were 7 quarterbacks taken was the last one. number 250 overl. and yet, siemian is the one who kind of set an nfl record last week, first road game, 0 interceptions, 312 yards, the guy has been a phenomenal story so far. >> our awesome sports straf got trevor to-- staff got trevor to sit down in the huddle, on right after next. sports cartoonist, drew
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bangles, we sat down because i am a dork and fas fated about where he gets his inspiration and how he gets comics done so quickly, more of that later in next, but of course, we talked trevor. >> what do you draw with trevor siemian after we find he is afc player of the week? >> what would i draw? just the fact, i mean, what a surprise, 7-round draft pick and he is doing amazing things. he throws the tightest spiral i imagine if pollution was so bad you could only see a little bit of mountains, that would be the worst, a different pollution is a problem, light pollution, which means the lights are drowning out the stars. it is a problem for star gazers in all cities. to give you an idea, we can see a few hundred stars on a good night in fort collins, compare that to somewhere like black can wherein and gunnison-- black canyon and gunnison, the middle
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thousands of stars there. the city isn't trying to push new laws but there is a team looking at how the city and businesses use light. astronomers like andy say seeing those stars is so important to us as humans. >> we sooto remember that-- have to remember that we are members of a planet that is part of a bigger solar system and universe, so we, you know, we lose sight of that a little bit when we are not looking at the sky and not underdi that is a big part of who we are and where we live. >> those who know me know i trust anyone who takes a picture with r2d2. they are slowly going to implement building codes and change their light and are working with law enforcement to find which lights are safe to get rid of. part of the reason for the plan is more are moving to fort collins. imagine that. you can't take your luggage with you and you probably need several breaks in between but
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highway, last portion of the i-70 back path opened today. linking genessee to evergreen parkway. up until now the 150 mile stretch had to share the right shoulder with cars wizing by on their way up to the mountain. now they will be able to use the trail that repurposes old highways and frontage roads to form one long route. >> it is getting use already. my wife and i live right in the neighborhood andav been test riding it and are very cleezed with the results. -- pleased with the results, it gives us a nice, safe, pleasant ride. >> we checked google maps and it said it would take 21 hours to ride dia to glenwood springwise the current route-- springs with the current route. they designed the $2.4 million section which took a year to complete. we always hear people say we need to leave a better world for our kids.
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better world for us. thanks to a big incestment from a denver nonprofit. they showed their work to nelson garcia. >> reporter: all around denver, something is growing. and it includes the green leaf community garden and students like jesus. >> these are a couple seeds and it turned into a whole bed full of beans. >> reporter: his group is 1 of 10 groups of students from around the metro area, ard and the project to innovate for good. >> they all empower youth to understand their skills and abilities and use them to make their community, their neighborhood a better place. >> what they are trying to grow is more than just food. the foundation is trying to grow social change through efforts like green leaf. >> we just won a grant, with that money we are going to give gardens into people's houses and teach them how to use it and grow healthy food that they
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>> reporter: jesus wants to teach low income families in northeast denver how to save money and body. >> going out of their way to get something unhealthy when they could go to their back yart. >> reporter: green relief received grant money distributed among all the student groups. >> giving them both financial support and also tools and training to help them make their project happen. >> green leaf, we are a non-profit youth. >> reporter: jesus believes wha produce was dead. >> reporter:... was his wrap. >> squashed potatoes. we are green leaf. >> reporter: ideas to make change growing in the minds of kids, paid for by adults who believe. >> i hing it is going to-- think it is going to work. >> reporter: in denver, nelson garcia, 9 news. >> i couldn't rap like that. other winners are helping senior citizens and teaching refugees to be interpreters. lets talk about guns in the
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you have never seen on 9 news. it is a completely animated
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hi, there, welcome back, i am meteorologist kathy sabine. sunshine, temperatures in the 70s, good travel weather across the state and temperatures in the 80s yesterday, today, and for one more day before we start to see kind of a fall-like change heading into the first full weekend of october. as a matter of fact, if you are looking ahead, daylight savings ends sunday, november 6, when we gain an extra hour of sleep. we have moisture moving toward colorado from the southwest and that may mean a few showers in the high country, but denver, the front range, eastern plains, other than those clouds in the afternoon, we have another mild, dry day coming in. but there is a front to the north of us and it will be here on friday and perhaps our best chance for rain will be friday evening. clear and cool tonight, light winds as low as 50 with sunshine tomorrow, back in the low 80s, high clouds move through late in
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showers friday, 20% chance of rab, cooling trend into the weekend-- rain, cooling trend into the weekend with isolated showers saturday and sunday. coolest weather tuesday and wednesday of next week. just a beautiful time of year to be outdoors and, steeb, word on the street is you are-- steve, word on the street is you are a hit on the show. >> i am looking forward to the extra hour. >> aren't we all? i have never been able to understand people with that side of the brain, artistic side, maybe because i can onlyw made a career out of it, sports cartoonist, we sat down to see where he gets his inspiration. >> you are watching a game, take me through what you are doing game time, by the time the game is over, you almost have a cartoon drawn and ready to go. >> i have gotten used to working on deadlines that are pretty tight, back at the rocky mountain news, can i did these pieces after avalanche games and i could remember having a couple stanley cup playoff games that
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had to get it into the paper by 11:00. you learn to-- i think slow, my thought process tends to be slow, but my drawing process, i learn to draw fast to compensate. i employ the 8-second rule, much like rodeo. you know? 8 seconds to, you know, get your point across and to make the impact and hopefully make people laugh. >> your thought process is somebody is looking at it 8 seconds and that is the >> yeah, even comic strips, i try to keep them short and simple. you know, that is the-- that is what connects with people. >> what was the hardest comic you ever drew? >> the couple after columbine i did, i think those were difficult to do because they were, last-minute kinds of things and the emotion was so, you know, it hung in the air. you could feel the heaviness and darkness in the air during that event, and afterwards.
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latest presidential election, like a cartoon to begin with. the candidates that are out there. you told me you shy away from politics, why is that? >> right now, politics-- right now, politics are so divisive in the country, i have never seen anything quite like it. and you can't, you know, no matter what you do, you are going to upset half of your leadership. and, which is okay if you are a political cartoonist, but if much. the way i look is i draw something far more important than politics and far more important than the presidential election, and that is the denver broncos. >> something we can all get behind. thanks to drew for making the time this morning and for something you will see in a moment, it has to do with the guy whose name is on this show, a lot have been asking how kyle's neck is doing. i skyped with him today to find out. >> feel better, i feel better, i
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power of american-made pharmaceuticals. i am happy that next didn't burn to the ground. you all did a very nice job and people loved last night's show. the cone of shame is off for the time being. i do appreciate all of the viewer suggestions, people suggested all types of different voodoo medicine that i should try. so as soon as i have consumed my portion of the finely made-american pharmaceuticals i will look for a hualistic option to-- holistic option t
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lets have a conversation about guns, lets talk about something that makes us a little uncomfortfortable, not the came conversation we had over and over, lets talk in a way not dictated by emotion, detail oriented, fact-driven conversation, facts are something we need a little more of. the facts don't change. that is why we this video together. only by knowing the statistics, only by knowing the data will we truly know how to deal with this problem. in a land of apple pie and baseball, there may be nothing more american than the good old american gun. in a country of 325 million, there are now enough guns to equip every man, every woman, every infant, to even a few dogs with one.
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state colorados bought enough gun to give to every broncos fan at mile high stadium, even if that mile high stadium held 4 and a half times more people than it does now, 342,000 seats. while most of the guns will never be used in a crime, far too often some will be. in 2014, 10945 people lost their lives in america on the wrong end of a gun. that is count suicide, outnumbered homicides 2-1, and 90 americans a day part of a troubling statistic, we barely notice mile stones like this, most know 49 people died in a nightclub in orlando in june. how many know it took only 42 more hours for 49 people to die as a result of gun homicide? the 49th victim after orlando, a mother of 3 in austin, texas.
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some worry about so-called assault weapons, semi automatic rifles, even if you stop selling them to tomorrow and confiscated all rifles the next day, you would only get rid of a weapon used in 3-4% of homicides, clubs and hammers kill more people every year in the u.s. than the big bad assault rifle. also keep in mind, while 24 hour news networks make it seem like we have become a more violent country, technically the homicide rate peeked the first year of back then, there were at least 100 million less guns than there are now. some suggest we need more laws, close the so-called loop or limit magazine sizes or bring back assault weapon ban. not one of those laws will put much of a dent in this fact. every 2 weeks in the u.s., criminals murder 400 people with guns. 2 weeks, 400.
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people murdered by guns every year. in portugal, uk, spain, france, germany, australia combined. and don't forget. even if the u.s. banned all gun sales tomorrow, we would still have more than 300 million guns, enough for you, me, and everyone else, and a few left over for your dog. if you don't believe us, at least you should try to believe them, or them, or them, or them. >> conversation started on facebook, feel free to join in, chris is listening and we are
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some of your feedback tonight, jody says kyle's eye brows in the cartoon scream sar camp. what is my woosh screen ? miss you, kyle, steve is doing a good job, from martha. thanks, i will show this to my boss.
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explains, i don't know if i can say the h-word. is kyle? he will be back. advil or skip the advil. that is a remedy for kyle but i might take him up on that, next
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all right, welcome to the broncos huddle. you picked a good show to watch
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sanders' left is the broncos starting quarterback, the afc offensive player of the week, trevor siemian everyone. >> [applause] >> trevor, thanks for being here. how tough has it been for you because i know you are one of these guys that every time somebody tries to shine a spotlight on you you talk about your offensive line, and your coaches but everybody wants to talk about you this week >> yes i know it seems that way but i do, i feel really fortunate to be part of this offense and this team and it's a really special group we have so i really love to be a part of it. >> the afc offensive player of the week. let me ask you this, who in the family is most excited about that? who is most excited about not only that but also the game ball ? >> yes, my mom. my mom got some good pictures out of it. she was pretty excited but yes, they were great about it. >> you guys have been telling


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